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We moved out of our home on the 1st of September 2012 as we had arranged for friends to move in at that date….we were (I was) positive that we could get the van finished by then. We actually managed to have the van inspected and registered a couple of days before this deadline – but not quite finished.

Our first stop was my parent’s driveway, thanks mum and dad, where we stayed for 3 weeks. During this time Perth was experiencing some fairly heavy rain and it was at this point that we discovered a leak around the back four seasons hatch that we thought we had sorted. Dad and I took off to Bunnings to buy a couple of tarps and in the shed at home dad showed off his rope skills by getting it ready to go over the top of the van. We must have looked like the Swiss Family Robinson as in bucketing rain and moonlight we had to get the tarp over the top and ropes secured forward to the drawbar and all around the back part of the van. It was quite a sight but very effective. We established that the aircon weight was causing just enough flex during travelling to cause the silicon around the hatch to crack and allow water to enter. We removed the silicone and resealed with a mastic and patted ourselves on the back (a bit too early we would later discover).

From my parent’s driveway to Brian’s dad’s driveway for what ended up being about 12 weeks, thanks Ron. We were better set up here to do work and will be forever grateful to our families for letting us park up with them for as long as we did. We met a lot of nice people in the area, including another family who were planning to do the same thing as us, Lachy got to join the Warnbro Swans E Grade cricket team as a “casual” player (ha ha), Luke got to have a few games of tee ball and Zoe met the lovely Lily of Lilypad Arts and Crafts.

Back to mum and dad’s driveway for another couple of weeks over Christmas and then finally ready to leave on our departure date of January 3rd 2013.



I have just finished reading my friend’s blog at and I am feeling inspired to get my act together and start posting – after all, I think we have a lot worth sharing! From building our own caravan, to all our misadventures at the start of our big trip and the more gentler routine that we are starting to find. I am looking forward to sharing our trials and tribulations with others out there who either want to keep in touch with us or get their own inspiration to just pack up and go.