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With heavy hearts we left the farm 😦 and headed towards Hyden – you can’t be that close and not visit Wave Rock! We did the obligatory walk around and over the top & can now cross that off the list of things you can say you have seen. I think we were all still coming down from a great weekend and too many Easter eggs.



ImageBack in the car and headed into Hyden to fill up and decide which way to go. Wish I was the owner of that servo in Hyden on Easter Monday, they were doing a roaring trade in everything else but marshmallows. Secretly, B & I were happy about that (imagining a packet would have cost about $10) but Little, knowing that a campfire was in the offing, was devastated.

Decided to set forth along the Hyden to Norseman Rd and do an overnighter at The Breakaways. Feeling a little anxious as this would be our longest dirt road so far but, to our delight, it turned out to be in much better condition than most of the sealed roads we have travelled and nice and wide. Try as we might we could not find The Breakaways, found out later that the sign had been knocked down & I had the hurdy gurdy settings on incorrectly for entering GPS co-ordinates – who knew you could have so many variations of HH MM SS?? (had secretly wondered to myself why I seemed to be a number short all the time) anyhoo we ended up at Lake Johnson to ruin the peace and quiet of some nomads who had been parked up for a few days.

Little set forth with Sista in tow to collect firewood as soon as he could get out of the car, all the time lamenting the lack of marshmallows, whilst I scrabbled about to find something for tea. I find myself feeling like Aristos (do you remember him?) thinking ok, I have rice, spring onions, some two minute noodle seasoning packets – what gourmet delight shall I whip up for my loved ones tonight??

B soon had the pyros (oops, children) happy with a lovely fire burning which I then panicked about for the rest of the evening – watching every floating spark until I could see it land safely – going to take me a bit of time to get used to this one I think.



Kids up bright and early exploring the salt lake and quite excited to find shards of salt crystals poking up out of the surface (found some in Sista’s special box when making beds recently). Little also found someones sd card looking a little the worse for wear, I am wondering if it belongs to the motorbike riders who had obviously had a fun day out on the salt.

Packed up and decided to head for Coolgardie, all the while looking out for the turn off we knew must be ahead soon…..until we saw the sign saying we were approaching Norseman….oh well, change of plans. Let’s go to Kambalda!

Can I just say that I think people have been keeping this one quiet – $20 a night (no extra charge for kids) or $85 for the week. Now admittedly the grass could do with a mow and you do have to make sure that your power box works before you unhitch but FREE WASHING MACHINES and tidy ablution blocks that you never have to line up for – need I say more.



You can also eat at the MAC mess up the driveway for a very reasonable price and roll yourself into bed (and then not sleep because you ate too much….B)

Next post… camp at Lake Douglas



ImageAround a year ago I managed to find about Farmday, which is a cool way for city families to meet country families and find out about the fabulous people who grow our food. We were matched up with an awesome family who live about 4 hours from Perth on their wheat and sheep property. In short, we had such a great time with them that I had always hoped we could return & at Easter time I got my wish.


Not only did we spend the Easter weekend with our friends but also some of their extended family as well… total there were 7 adults and about 14 kids (except we hardly ever saw the kids, they were busy on motorbikes, go karts etc).

We saw new baby lambs with their mums, collected sheep poo from the shearing shed yards, used heavy farm machinery to have another go at our leaking hatch, got on the back of motorbikes for about the first time in 20 years, solved hand drawn mazes, went out after rabbits and foxes, went walking through the bush to Narnia, ate some beautiful food, planned a series of books based on crazy uncles and laughed lots and lots.

You know when you have such fond memories of an experience and then wonder if it was really as good as you remember it?……well this revisiting really was amazing and we are so grateful once again to spend time on the farm with our lovely friends and their families.

J, the bet is lost…..the corrugations won and the hatch is leaking again… get big hugs for trying, I thought that you had it beat!!