My friend Rach had done a trip around Oz while we were still at the planning/building stage and when we were looking through her pics from the trip she told me that she would have loved to have had more time on the Eyre Peninsula. So being the good friend I am, I decided we would do it for her 🙂

First stop from Ceduna had to be Streaky Bay, can’t remember why now – probably why I should blog while it is all fresh in my mind!

We drove around town, did a bit of shopping, walked on the jetty – South Australia does jetties well – they all have great metal signs that are engraved with images of the local fish as well as your bag limits…..there is nothing like catching a fish and then having to walk around asking people what it is you have actually caught and whether it is edible. They also all have a steel mesh netted area that ensures that your jetty jumping jaunt doesn’t end in Jaws eating you.


One of Sister’s photos of the netted swimming area

Instead of being total whus bags and opting for the caravan park option (so tempting in Winter) we headed out to the Sceale Bay Bush Camp (you say it as Scale Bay). Any bush camp that has a flushing toilet gets my vote and this one is a real gem. Pete and his family have created a lovely spot that is quite affordable at $5 per adult and $2 per child – apparently the bay is popular with surfers and Kelly Slater had visited recently….never know who you might bump into down here.

Even though the camp is unpowered and mobile reception is a bit hit and miss all you need to do is walk/ride about 4kms down the road to the gazebo at the beach and you are able to plug in to the power board and get great reception as well. The kids have been doing an online writing class with home2teach and so the poor things had to use the gazebo as their classroom – hard done by, aren’t they?


Trying to find a shot with the view onto the beach.


Big and Sista hard at work. Think Little was riding a bike down the steps at this stage.










We could only spend a couple of days here as we needed to get to Port Lincoln so B could catch his plane back to work but we still managed to have a 4wd around the tracks and bays to a cool sand dune area where the kids had fun on their boogey boards. There is a sea lion colony just a couple of kms down the road at Point Labatt with a great viewing platform.


Little and Sista have a look at Heart Bay


Too scared of the Great Whites, Big will stick to sand dune surfing..









Pulling out, we knew that we wanted to stay at the Coffin Bay NP for a couple of days so that’s where we headed towards. One of the benefits of travelling the Southern route during Winter is that you don’t need to think ahead about booking into parks or grabbing a spot at the free camps before everyone else……I hold onto that thought as I look at all the pics coming up online from other families travelling Oz, sitting around in shorts and bathers up North somewhere. This is also very fortunate as I am not the most organised person

Driving towards Elliston we saw a sign that said Talia Caves – we have decided that if we ask ourselves “should we have a look” then the default answer is yes!

So glad we did. The Woolshed was spectacular, even if Sista was terrified that B and Little where in danger of losing their footing and being swept away.


The cave is inside the hill to the left of these stairs


From the inside looking out – I imagine that the waves would smash in here in bad weather.










Can you see the edge of the hole behind the sign?


We also had a look at The Tub, which is what I imagine a sinkhole must look like and I got stung by a bee (I think). Next, we managed to see one of those amazing displays of nature in the form of a big group of dolphins – there must have been about 4 separate pods of 4-5 dolphins in each and they were jumping up and doing somersaults and held us entranced for a good ten minutes…….of course the only photo we got shows you nothing other than a couple of fins!



I initially thought it was a school of sharks as the fins stayed on the surface for longer than usual, just circling each other.


Apologies for any picture/text alignment issues – if anyone is a wordpress expert I could use some help on making everything stay where I want it to.