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Finally get around to arriving in Elliston for a quick overnighter. While B is home we are supposed to free camp but we seem to a) take ages to pack up and get moving in the morning and b) spend too much time sight seeing and not enough time to get set up and settled at a free camp…..besides, after about 3 days in the bush I end up with a giant pile of washing.

Elliston has two parks but we opted for Waterloo Bay and the kids were glad that we did. This is the first time I have come across a pedal cart hire in a caravan park and for keeping our kids occupied while we were setting up and getting dinner ready this was just the thing.


Some days this is my favourite view of these two


Only another couple of years until he can get his learners.

Persisting in a seemingly hopeless quest, B rigged up the rods for another torture session  fishing trip. 

Either there are no fish in the ocean surrounding the jetties of SA and all the other anglers are liars or we are just completely useless at fishing. Fortunately, all of the jetties here also have a lovely sheltered seat close to the end and I find these to be a great place to make phone calls from whilst B cuts up bait and then stands aimlessly until the kids start complaining and we head back to the van.


B from his best angle, Little excited about wetting the line & me on the phone – yep, that’s how we roll.

I think that I might actually have reached my limit for cliff top scenic drives, they are all beautiful but they are kind of all the same (Oh no, I sound like my kids) but the drive at Elliston includes artworks from the Sculptures on the Cliff Festival which makes it a bit more interesting.


Saw that Coffin Bay National Park got a pretty good wrap on some of the online travelling groups (Facebook) so we thought that it would be a nice place to spend a few nights and days.

As we were driving into the Yangie Bay Campground, Little spotted a sizeable mud puddle and his eyes literally lit up – so glad that I got all that washing done at Elliston. B couldn’t get the bikes off the back of the van quick enough for him!


Mud in the eyes….not this time around.

It was a beautiful spot where we pulled up and the weather held out nicely until we went to bed that first night. The second day was a bit of on and off rain but still able to get out and do a walk trail (saw an adult emu with a couple of youngsters) – or filthily a few more pairs of pants, Little!

So many little birds here, just wish that they would slow down so I could identify them in the bird book… was forced to slow down as he hit the side of our mesh tent, I keep imagining him going “bloody hell, that wasn’t there yesterday”. Fortunately, he just shook himself off and flew away. The usual visits from the kangaroos – how cool is it that native wildlife visits become the norm living this life.


What’s that Skip, I should bring my bike and follow you through the mud, Skip?

The last day was just rain, rain and wind and so the inside of the van was disgusting and we started getting a bit of cabin fever. Must be time for a drive. Jumped in the Patrol and took some great tracks from the campground out around past some of the loveliest beaches and these sections of road that look like they belong on postcards….you know when the trees kind of meet up overhead and create a leafy tunnel….I am in my happy place again.


I can see why this is a favourite destination over Summer for the locals.


MAC Village Central

Okay, so I knew that at some point in time we would actually have to leave Kambalda MAC Caravan Park to continue our travels and maybe even manage to leave WA but it didn’t make leaving any easier.

It truly felt as though I was leaving Wickham again (this is where the kids were born and spent their early years). I can only say that it is a testament to the good people who work and live at the MAC and the strong sense of community that they have created there.

This post is a thank you to you all ……even the people I don’t remember to mention 🙂

To Johnny L, the unofficial Lord Mayor and his offsider Pat, I so miss your cheery wave in the morning as I made my pj clad walk up to the ablution block and the invitation to come have a cuppa. I miss sitting and talking and feeding the birds with you – so does Sista. I appreciate the way you treated my kids, especially when Big thought you were Pat – just without a beard, and they loved you for it. For coming to the mess with us for Big’s 14th birthday and for getting up early to have breakfast with us on our last day. I look forward to catching up on the road again somewhere.

We had to interrupt Big's cleaning to get this shot - note my carpeted annexe pad - living very flash!

We had to interrupt Big’s cleaning to get this shot – note my carpeted annexe pad – living very flash!

To the big bus brigade, Ted & Dave, who were always ready and willing to lend a hand or a tool for any job on the go as well as the advice…”go slowly, 300km a day is plenty”

To Ray and Sandy from Tassie, for selling me on the Flavorstone cookware (I have got one now and I love it too!) and for reminding me that family are everything and that I should make sure that I post lots of photos for the family we have left behind.

To all the prospectors (Al, Al & Wendy, Thommo, Lindsay and Co) thank you for sharing your knowledge, your stories and your Minelab 5000 settings with us – a more diverse group of people I have yet to meet!

To the Chinese Geos, for showing us that 5 grown men can all live in a Jayco Expanda quite happily and that language does not have to be a barrier to friendship. Thank you Michael for making us steamed bread, playing bucket ball with the boys, teaching us words in Mandarin, answering questions about your life in China and for letting us teach you how to play Uno – we miss you.

Photo is terrible but best one I have of us with Michael

Photo is terrible but best one I have of us with Michael

To Trudi in the office and all the MAC staff, you guys rock. To the people in the Mess – thank you for not shutting the doors when you saw us coming up for tea……I know that watching Little hit the desert bar and Big go up for 4th servings must have made you question that decision, so thanks.

Last but not least thank you to Woolies Kambalda for saving me so much money on food…’s just not the same going shopping anymore 😦

I also need to mention my best Mother’s Day surprise ever! Sista had picked up a colouring in competition from the Kalgoorlie library that had a single line asking “Why you loved your mum”….not only did she fill in that line but attached another 3 pages!! God only knows what she put on it (I didn’t even realise she had done it until she was dropping it off), but she did say that she put good and not so good things on the list….getting more worried now 🙂 Anyhoo, she got a phone call telling her that she had won first prize… daughter ever xx

So wish I could had read that list.....librarian wouldn't even let me do it unless Sista said yes.

So wish I could had read that list…..librarian wouldn’t even let me do it unless Sista said yes.